Thursday, March 7, 2013


Oi. My name is Bria. I'm 23. I have two kids, have been married and then not. I enjoy tattoos and piercings, have a couple of my own and plan to get more. My hair is usually a different color every few months. I am outspoken and opinionated and don't really know how to keep my mouth shut. Or I do, I just choose not to on most occasions. It does cause problems for me occasionally, but I don't want to be one of those people who just sit by with their mouth shut out of fear of offending anyone. I let you know how I feel about something, WHY I feel that way, and then ask you what your opinion is. Because that's the kind of person I am. And hopefully you accept that, because when you do, you find that I'm a pretty awesome chick.
I am a feminist, a liberal, I advocate for equal rights, tolerance, respect, and general kickassness.
My kids (mentioned above) are my entire world. Yeah, I'm one of those parents. Everything I do is for them. They even became my identity for a while. My oldest is now four, and I'm just now learning who I am as a person, beyond being a mom.

So anyway, this is my blog. I had one before, but I kind of let it flounder. Instead of trying to build it back up, I figured I'd be just as good off making a new (and hopefully more successful) one. I'll be sharing plenty of personal stuffs, plus sharing articles and stories about.. anything I have anything to say about (and trust me, there's a LOT). You may not agree with the things I say, my views on topics, or.. anything I post. And that's fine. In fact, I welcome your side of things. I like discussion, debate, and hearing different points of view. I just ask that you express your opinions respectfully, as I try to do with mine. Please heed that. I talk about a lot of sensitive topics (religion, politics, etc.). If you cannot handle reading a view that may differ from yours, simply don't read my blog.

Well, I guess that's a good enough introduction. I hope you choose to keep reading. See you next time.

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